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DirtStopper Logo Mat | Specifications

DirtStopper Logo Mat

  • Vibrant embossed logo
  • Flecked background hides
    dirt & debris
  • Highly durable

The DirtStopper logo mat is designed not only to remove dirt and debris but also hide it within the flecked background of the mat. Many of our clients prefer the DirtStopper logo mat as it projects a more commercial look and feel. The DirtStopper logo mat is a tough, eye-catching and hard wearing logo mat. The best designs to use on the DirtStopper logo mat are simple, a solid logo of two or three colour's is the perfect combination to the flecked background of the DirtStopper logo mat. 

We place your logo or design on the DirtStopper logo mat in exactly the same way as the DuraPlush & EntryMax logo mats. Our unique process gives your logo an embossed effect with sharp edge definition. This ensures the logo is eye-catching and grabs the attention of passers by.

When we manufacture the DirtStopper logo mat we fire thousands of individually coloured fibres into the mat and then cure and cross link them into place. As there is no piece dying involved the DirtStopper logo mat has the highest level of fade resistance. We can closely match to PMS colour's to ensure brand standards are adhered to.

DirtStopper logo mats are also available in two heavier duty options, the DirtStopper Heavy Duty logo mat and the DirtStopper Plus logo mat. For more information about these options see below.

DirtStopper Heavy Duty Logo Mat
Very similar to the regular DirtStopper logo mat, the DirtStopper Heavy Duty logo mat has 30% more fibres in the base of the mat making it thicker and much denser.

DirtStopper Plus Logo Mat
Similar to the regular DirtStopper logo mat and the DirtStopper Heavy Duty logo mat, the DirtStopper Plus logo mat has 50% more fibres than the regular DirtStopper logo mat. This gives the mat a much coarser texture, making it the most hard wearing option in the DirtStopper logo mat range. The DirtStopper Plus logo mat is available in different colours to the two previously mentioned DirtStopper logo mats. Contact us on 1800 300 311 for more details.

DirtStopper Logo Mat | Standard Sizes

600 x 900 mm
1200 x 900 mm
1500 x 900 mm
1800 x 900 mm
1000 x 1000 mm Expo tile
Custom shapes and sizes available

DirtStopper Logo Mat | Base mat colour's

DirtStopper Logo Mat | Grey Colour Swatch
DirtStopper Logo Mat | Blue ColourSwatch
DirtStopper Logo Mat | Brown Colour Swatch
DirtStopper Logo Mat | Green Colour Swatch
DirtStopper Logo Mat | Red Colour Swatch  DirtStopper Logo Mat | Beige Colour Swatch
Red            Beige

Touch and feel logo mat samples

To assist you in your logo mat decision we can post you touch and feel samples. Call us on 1800 300 311 and we will post out your requested samples within 24 hours.

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