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EntryMax Logo Mat | Specifications

EntryMax Logo Mat

  • Suited to the highest            traffic requirements
  • Slip resistant gripper
    rubber backing
  • Effective at removing
    dirt & debris

The EntryMax logo mat is the toughest logo mat on the market today. The waffle-like construction allows the EntryMax logo mat to draw water and dirt away from shoes and into the mat, protecting your floors from scratches and slipping hazards as well as reducing cleaning costs. EntryMax logo mats are made of a solution-dyed fabric that is designed to be quick drying and resistant to fading from the sun.

Similar to the DirtStopper logo mat, the EntryMax logo mat has a flecked appearance which enhances the mats ability to hide dirt. Crush resistant rubber nubs underneath the carpet top (shown in the illustration below), combined with containment borders around the edge of the logo mat allow the logo mat to trap water and debris very effectively.

The EntryMax logo mat has been certified as 'high traction' by the National Floor and Safety Institute which means the mat will not deteriorate and slide around when exposed to high levels of traffic, liquids & dirt.

During manufacture of the Entrymax logo mats we apply the logo or design to a smooth panel in the centre of the logo mat (as shown on the mat pictured). We then fire thousands of individually coloured fibres into this flat panel and cure and cross link them into place. We can closely match to PMS colour's to ensure brand standards are adhered to and as there is no piece dying involved, the EntryMax logo mat has the highest level of fade resistance.

EntryMax logo mats are not only functional by removing and trapping dirt, oil or moisture from shoes but they can also be easily customised with your logo or message. The EntryMax logo mat is suitable for indoor and exterior entrances with heavy foot traffic.

EntryMax Moulded Logo Mat
Whilst continuing to trap water and debris within the mat, the main point of difference of the EntryMax Moulded Logo Mat is that we actually mould your logo or design into the rubber and carpet layers of the mat itself. This means your logo or design is the same colour as the base mat. By utilising this method, the EntryMax Moulded logo mat is the hardest wearing EntryMax logo mat option. As individual moulds need to be made up for each design or logo, minimum quantities apply for EntryMax Moulded logo mat orders.

EntryMax Logo Mat | Standard sizes

800 mm x 950 mm
900 mm x 1450 mm
Other sizes available upon request

EntryMax Logo Mat Construction

EntryMax Logo Mat | Base mat colour's

EntryMax Logo Mat | Black Colour Swatch
EntryMax Logo Mat | Grey Colour Swatch

Touch and feel logo mat samples

To assist you in your logo mat decision we can post you touch and feel samples. Call us on 1800 300 311 and we will post out your requested samples within 24 hours.

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