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Logo Mat Comparisons

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We can make a logo mat to meet your requirements, budget and brief. With years of experience our sales team are experts in helping you make the right decision for your logo mat needs. Below you will find a brief overview of all of the logo mats we offer.

DuraPlush Logo Mat
To manufacture the DuraPlush logo mat we fire thousands of individually coloured electro-statically charged fibres into the mat resulting in an embossed logo. The DuraPlush logo mat along with the DirtStopper logo mat display superior fade resistance mat and are durable. The DuraPlush logo mat cut pile carpet has a solid colour and is suitable for both entrances and POS displays with medium foot traffic.

DirtStopper Logo Mat
Your logo is placed into the DirtStopper logo mat in the same way as the DuraPlush logo mat. The carpet we use for the DirtStopper logo mat has a flecked appearance which is great at hiding dirt and debris. The hardwearing DirtStopper logo mat is suitable for entrances and POS displays with medium to heavy foot traffic.

PrintPlush Logo Mat
To manufacture the PrintPlush logo mat we dye the mat using precise computer controlled jet printing. By using this method, we are able to reproduce logos and designs that contain many different colour's and gradient effects. The PrintPlush logo mat is best used indoors and is a lightweight and economical branding & promotional solution for areas with light to medium foot traffic.

EntryMax Logo Mat
The EntryMax logo mat is the toughest logo mat in our range. The carpet the logo mat is made from has the same flecked appearance as the DirtStopper logo mat. The main difference between the two is the rubber-reinforced face nubs underneath the carpet top which create a highly effective waffle design. The EntryMax logo mat also comes with a heavy duty 'water dam' border which holds water and stops it from spilling out onto your floors preventing slipping hazards. Your logo or design is placed onto a flat panel in the centre of the mat in the same way as the DuraPlush and DirtStopper logo mats resulting in an embossed logo effect. The EntryMax logo mat is quick drying & fade resistant and is suited to indoor or outdoor entrances where there is heavy foot traffic.

FloorPoster Logo Mat
We place your logo, design or image onto the FloorPoster logo mat using computer controlled sublimation printing. Using this process we are able to reproduce detailed logos, designs & high-resolution images with near photo quality. The FloorPoster logo mat is suitable for short-term promotions and branding in areas with low foot traffic.

DuraScrape Logo Mat
The DuraScrape logo mat is made from 100% rubber. It's functional design will easily hold dirt and spills within that mat. To manufacture the mat we inlay your logo or design into the nitrile rubber skid resistant surface of the mat. The DuraScrape logo mat is easy to clean, simply hose down. DuraScrape logo mats are best suited to areas where liquid spills or high levels of moisture from shoes (ie. snow or rain) are present.

PosterDisplay Logo Mat
A printed paper poster can be easily inserted into the PosterDisplay Mat and then changed with each new promotion. The PosterDisplay Mat is purely for advertising and branding purposes , it greatly increases brand awareness and makes connection between your advertising campaigns and you product/service at the point of purchase. It isn't a functional mat that cleans people's feet though - we have other mats that do that!

Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat
Our range of anti-fatigue logo mats are designed to reduce fatigue from long periods of standing which commonly cause back and leg complaints. Our anti-fatigue logo mats come in many variations to suit your purpose, budget, look & feel. See the Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats product page for more detailed information.

Touch and feel logo mat samples
To assist you in your logo mat decision we can post you touch and feel samples. Call us on 1800 300 311 and we will post out your requested samples within 24 hours.

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